Zeebo sphere logoZeebo logo
Manufacturer Zeebo Inc.
Type Console
Release Date CHN TBA 2011
RU 2010
IND 2010
MEX November 10, 2009
BR June 25, 2009
"The fun and excitement of interactive entertainment and education to those who—until now—have had little or no access to such technology."
—Zeebo Inc.

Zeebo is a 3G-enabled entertainment and education system manufactured by Zeebo Inc.. The console is targeted at audiences in the developing markets of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China).

The company's goal was to create an affordable gaming system with inexpensive video games and education content delivered through digital distribution. There are no DVDs and cartridges; games and other content are downloaded wirelessly over broadband cellular networks. In addition to games, the Zeebo system also provides Internet connectivity, enabling users to access educational and information content, communicate via e-mail and do social networking (this capability is currently supported in Brazil and Mexico).

Zeebo Inc. has attracted a growing list of companies: Activision, Cpacom, Digital Chocolate, Disney Interactive Studios, Electronic Arts, Fishlabs, Gamevil, G-Mode, Glu, id Software, Limbic Software, Namco, Polarbit, PopCap Games, Twelve Interactive, and Vega Mobile.

The Zeebo's library mostly consists of remade versions of popular cell phone and console games. However, the Zeebo does have its own original content, such as Zeebo Extreme.

History Edit

The Zeebo was first announced in November 2008 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and went on sale there in limited quantities on June 1, 2009 with a suggested retail price of R$ 499,00 (Brazilian reals). In September of the same year, the price was cut to R$ 399,00, and the price was reduced again in November to R$299,00 (~170USD). The console was distributed nationwide in Brazil in December 2009. By August, 2010, there were approximately 40 games launched for Zeebo in Brazil. On September 1, 2010, Zeebo announced that it was adding new capabilities and accessories to the Zeebo in Brazil, including Internet connectivity, a keyboard and new more ergonomic gamepad. The new Brazilian system configuration is priced identical to the previous one: R$299 (~170USD). The company announced that Brazilian owners of previous system configurations can upgrade to the new one for free.

The Zeebo was launched in Mexico in November 2009. It shipped to national retailers across the country on 4 November 2009, with a suggested price of 2,499 Mexican pesos (approximately $205 US). The Mexican system configuration is similar to that introduced in September, 2010 and includes Internet connectivity, a keyboard and ergonomic gamepad. The price was cut to 2249 pesos (approx. $184 US) in April 2010.

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