Wii 3DS Wuhu Island

The main island.

Wuhu Island is an island that has appeared in many Nintendo games, first appearing in Wii Fit as Wii Fit Island. It is a large island with a volcano, a town, ancient ruins, and many more locations. Wuhu Island's location is unknown. The whole island is populated by Miis, and many animals such as whales, hawks, and dogs, too. Tourists seem to be the main industry of Wuhu Island. The island is powered by wind energy, and only electric cars are allowed on the island.


These are the games Wuhu Island has appeared in so far:


Main article: List of landmarks on Wuhu Island

Military Island TransformationEdit

To promote Wii Sports Resort's release, Nintendo of America transformed Military Island in Times Square in New York City into Wuhu Island. 50 tons of sand was hauled in, a band played tropical songs and music, a pool was presented, and island-based non-alchoholic drinks were served to visitors. Also, special events which releated to the game were presented.


  • Wuhu Island's name may be based on the interjection "woo hoo".

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