Wii Sports
Genre Sports
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Wii (series)
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date NA November 19, 2006
JP December 2, 2006
EU December 8, 2006
AUS December 7, 2006
KOR April 26, 2008
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB:80px-ESRB Everyone.svg - Everyone
PEGI:60px-PEGI 7.svg - 7 and older
CERO:Cero a - A
ACB:90px-OFLC small G.svg - General
GRB:Grb age rat all - All

Wii Sports is a Wii game released on November 19, 2006 in North America, December 2, 2006 in Japan, December 7, 2006 in Australia, December 8, 2006 in Europe, and April 26, 2008 in South Korea. It was included with the Wii (excluding Japan) until a bundle including Mario Kart Wii instead of Wii Sports was released. It was the first Wii game, and the first to feature Miis. As its name implies, Wii Sports is a sports game. The sports in it are baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, and boxing.


Wii Sports was first revealed at E3 2006. Instead of Miis being used as the main characters, Mario characters were planned to be used. Nintendo changed its mind though, and left Miis as the main characters of the game.


  • The nine holes in golf are all from the NES game Golf.

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