Wheel of Fate
Gender Male
Homeworld DBR Facility
First Appearance The House of the Dead 3
Latest Appearance n/a
Gaminglogo The House of the Dead Wiki

"I am Curien... I shall destroy everything... and resurrect everything."
—Wheel of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is the final boss of The House of the Dead 3. It is a resurrected form of Doctor Roy Curien. The Wheel of Fate wields the powers of electrokinesis. The Wheel of Fate is Type 0000 and its weakpoint is the chest (registered as "Analysis Impossible" in-game). The Wheel of Fate is named after the Major Arcana tarot card, "The Wheel of Fortune", however it is modified.

The House of the Dead 3Edit

The Wheel of Fate is found in a sleeping state in the last chapter of the game. It is awaken when Roy Curien's son, Daniel Curien, hacks the computer to release it and to defeat it. The Wheel of Fate then goes on to attack Daniel and Lisa Rogan. After its defeat, it talks about the world's crisis, overpopulation, before Lisa and Daniel send the final blow.


  • If one listens closely to the Wheel of Fate's battle theme, they'll notice it is a remix of the Emperor's from The House of the Dead 2.

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