250px-Wheatley model
Species Personality Construct
Gender Male
Homeworld Aperature Laboratory
Portrayed by Stephen Merchant
Richard Lord (placeholder)
First Appearance Portal 2
Latest Appearance n/a

Wheatley (also known as an Intelligence Dampening Sphere) is a loose personality construct from Portal 2 with an English West country accent (more specifically a Bristol accent). He serves as an ally to Chell in the single-player campaign and later serves as the main antagonist of the second half of the game. He was one of many cores seen awakening at the end of the original Portal.

Portal 2 Edit

He first appears at the beginning of the game in which wakes up Chell from her sleep. He had Chell obtain the Portal Gun so that they both could escape the laboratory. Wheatley eventually gets to a point where he has to detach himself from his rail in order to proceed. However, they later accidentally revive the insane GLaDOS. GLaDOS then crushes Wheatley and sends Chell back to the testing areas for tests. Wheatley is found to have survived and appears throughout many of the tests from behind a wall panel. Wheatley interrupts one of the tests and helps Chell escape. They replace the template turret for the turret production with a defective turret and also disabled GLaDOS's neurotoxin emitters. Wheatley replaces GLaDOS as the head of the facility when he takes her body and he becomes mad with power. He becomes so insane that he put together a trap that would kill Chell and the now potato battery-powered GLaDOS. Chell eventually makes it back to GLaDOS's chamber which has been modified by Wheatley to avoid the same mistakes GLaDOS did at the end of the last game. He removed all walls that could be used to form a portal and equipped himself with shields to defend himself from deflected explosives. However, he did leave a pipe filled with white gel that can be used to form portals. Chell used the white gel to form portals that she used to throw bombs at the non-shielded areas of Wheatley. When Wheatley is knocked out, Chell would attach a corrupt core to him to make him so corrupt that GLaDOS can switch places with him. After attaching 3 corrupt cores to him, Chell goes to activate the stalemate button but had an explosive attached to it that was meant to kill her. This is unsuccessful as she gets back up. She sees an opening in the ceiling which she can see the moon from. Chell creates a portal on the moon and one directly below Wheatley's body. The portal sucks Chell and Wheatley into outer space but GLaDOS saves her and leaves Wheatley. During the ending, after the credits, Wheatley is shown floating in space regretting all that he had done. As Wheatley is talking, one of the corrupt cores which is obsessed with space is also floating with him.

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