The Videogame Rating Council (VRC) was a video game rating system introduced by Sega of America to rate games on Sega consoles in the United States of America. The rating had to clearly appear on the front of the box and on all the advertisements for the video game.

Due to the introduction of the ESRB in North America, the VRC was phased out by Sega in late 1994 and future Sega console games where rated by the ESRB.


Icon Name of Rating Description


General Audiences (GA) Appropriate for all audiences.


Mature Audiences 13 and Up (MA-13) Appropiate for mature audiences 13 and older.

100px-VRC MA-17

Mature Audiences 17 and Up (MA-17) Appropiate for mature audiences 17 and older.
N/A Not Yet Rated (NYR) This game has not yet been rated by the VRC.

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