1. Open any Scribblenauts game

2. Place immovable wood

3. Connect any Humanoid and Monster to the wood

4. Summon a potion with any effect you want

5. Use it on the Humanoid

6. The effect from the potion should travel through the wires and reach the Monster

7. Done!


It only works with size adjetives and strength potions


Size=Works Every time

Strength=Works Every Time


Version HistoryEdit

1.0: Introduced

1.1: Cecaelia can now be used

1.2: 🐴 Biggest update ever! 🐴

    30 new usable NPCs and Monsters!
    4 new usable playgrounds!
    1 new usable transfer device!

1.3: Shamber and Shoggoth can now be used

1.4: Woman, Shopkeeper and Dancer can now be used!

Other Stuff about itEdit

i found this expiriment while doing a Brain Expiriment as i used a potion on a man to let him live. I don't own scribblenauts all rights reserved blah blah blah...

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