Step'1: Create a duck and put it in a cage.

Step 2: Create 2 wires. Step 3: Create a monster and good human and connect them to the wires.

Step 4: Create thunder and put it above the cage.

Step 5: Watch.

Step 6: After one dies free the other one or the duck will be either normal or neevil.


Make the creatures still.

Make both tough for more time to free the other one.

If you want it be faster make them weak.

Bad StuffEdit

It only works in storybook keep and Edwin's Farm.......Maybye


Storybook Keep: 75%

Edwin's Farm: 24%

Tilde Reef: Epic Fail

Palindromeda: Not Tested

Grave Manor: Not Tested


Average Humanoid: 10%

Tough Humanoid: 30%

Powerful Humanoid: 100%

Survival P2Edit

Monster with Average Humanoid: 90%

Monster with tough Humanoid: 70%

Monster with Powerbul Humanoid: 1%

Awards for the winner (monsters that won have to be turned good before an award)Edit

Bronze Trophy: after winning

Silver Trophy: after winning 20 times in a row

Gold Trophy: after winning 90 times in a row

Bronze Medal: after winning with less than 4 hearts

Silver Medal: after winning with less than 3 hearts

Gold Medal: after winning with less than 2 hearts

Other Crap About ItEdit

The Experiment is owned by my cousin after she discovered it while she was trying to have fun. I don't own Scribblenauts all rights reserved and blah blah blah


1.0: introduced 1.1: added awards 1.2: you can now use a cable instead of a wire 1.3: you can now decorate the stage 1.4: now usable in unmasked, remix and super scribblenauts

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