The Acid Palace is full of acid if you imagine it..


B1: Start By pressing the switch in the middle of the room; that will rotate a piece of wood. Now go to the left and press the switch for the room to rotate now you will be able to cross to the next floor

B3: Woah! That was a crazy elevator! Anyways jump over the acid and then open the chest at the top of the broken rope ladder, it will contain an ice hammer and if you see a muncher running around fight it, it's stats are this: hp: 56,868 Power: 455 Guard: 999max Agl.: 617. Now after killing it go around any other enemies unless you want to level grind, now drop down the small hole

B1: Oh No! It led back to the 1st floor! But just simply go up the rope ladder

B2: Now head up for the boss

BOSS: Natsanion

Natsanion can fire a huge beam that bounces around walls, getting reflected during this time Chipi could have dealt 45,751 damage to him, but he has more health than that! His weakness is Ice, so use your most powerful ice spell on him, he might be half dead if it scored a critical hit, but if it didn't use astra his melee is pretty high so physical damage isn't recommended just use long range magic on him enough times and he will be down

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