Space Battle was a sci-fi shooter game for the Intellivision, by Mattel Electronics.


In deep space a battle is about to take place. A group of five alien squadrons is preparing to attack a human Space-Station.(Called mother-ship in some ports.) The humans seem vaunerable, but they have three fighter-squads to defend them selves with. The battle is about to begin.


The game is based around using the squads in defence of the station. The game starts at the radar screen with the five alien squads aproaching from all directions. To dispatch a squad, the player hits a squad key, which will send the corresponding squad out to defend the base. The squad will home in on and "greet" one of the alien squads. When a squad has reached the enemy, the player hits the squad's matching "Go to battle" key, the player will go into a First Person Shooter mode. The player must aim their targeting sight and shoot at the aliens to destroy them. But if the alien blasts hit your cursor, you lose a fighter.(Which you have five of.) When the squads are destroyed, a caption saying "ALL CLEAR" appears.

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All these games appear to take place in the same universe as this game.


  • The game was originally going to be based on the TV show:Battlestar Galactica. And many parts of the show remain intact like the enemy fighter design.
  • The game was originally too easy, requiring a second more difficult version to be constructed.

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