Wii Play Shooting Range Stage 5 Multiplayer

Stage 5 in multiplayer mode.

Shooting Range
is a game in Wii Play. It is unlocked at the beginning because it is the first game of all nine games. The game's objective is to shoot as many objects and targets as you can to gain points in five stages.


Stage 1Edit

In this first stage, balloons colored yellow, blue, or red rise out of the grass.

Stage 2Edit

In Stage 2, targets appear: normal targets, gold targets which have extra points, and targets with Mii faces on them which take away points when shot.

Stage 3Edit

In this next stage, flying discs are thrown and must be shot. If they are nearby and are shot, extra points will be earned.

Stage 4Edit

Soda cans will be tossed from the ground in this stage. The player must shoot them to keep them up in the air. When shot five times, the cans will explode, giving the player five points.

Stage 5Edit

Stage 5 is the last stage. In it, Miis will appear, and must be saved from UFOs coming to abduct them. When a Mii is saved, the player earns 5 points.


Shooting Range can also be played in multiplayer. There are changes from singleplayer, though. In Stage 2, shooting the Mii face of the other player on a target will give make that player gain points, and the player of that Mii will lose points. And in Stage 5, shooting a UFO trying to abduct the other player's Mii will give that player points.


  • Shooting Range bears some similarities to the NES game Duck Hunt. The ducks appear and give the player bonus points when shot. Also, the flying discs in Stage 3 may have gotten their idea from the clay shoothing game in Duck Hunt.

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