The Seaside Cave Is A Dungeon In The Legend Of Chipi, In Here There Are Lots Of Quests So You will Have To Backtrack a Lot.


enemies: Salamander, Foo, Beeyoot Boss: Hgdmba Music: Ancient Seaside Cave, Sad Beginnings items: Pretty Betsy, Giant's Hammer, Bomboom x2


B1: You have entered the Seaside Cave so go through the stones, Now go the nearby cliff and open the chest for a Pretty Betsy Then go to the clearing and open the chest for a Giants Hammer then go up the ladder.

B2: Watch out for the Foo in the area, Avoid The 3 Foo in this area and then go past the spiked floor, Now open the chest for a Bomboom because it will be useful, Then use the Bomboom to reveal the Door, Now go down the ladder.

B1 (REVISIT): Now you are in the inaccessible area which was the cliff so go and climb up the stairs.

???: This Heavenly Place Is a shrine for Hgdmba the "god" of water, then he shoots down from the sky and attacks.

BOSS: Hgdmba: Hgdmba is a versatile and agile boss so be careful, Mima Should use Wertomi A grass spell while Chipi stops him with her provoke skill, And kirby should use a Bomboom to deal huge damage, Later Hgdmba will use Thingy... Beam of Err... Which will cause him to shoot a giant beam which deals huge damage, repeat this pattern: Mima uses Wertomi, Chipi Provokes, Kirby uses Bomboom, Hgdmba is just the 3rd boss so he isn't so hard as he only has 500,000 hp so keep repeating the pattern!

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