N64 Rumble Pak

The N64's Rumble Pak.

The Rumble Pak is an accessory for the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo DS. It is used for both systems to make the controller or system vibrate. With the accesory, the player can have more interactivity in their game. After Nintendo made the Rumble Pak, they started including it in all future controllers for their consoles. Rival companies like Microsoft and Sony also started including rumble features in their controllers.

Rumble Pak for Nintendo 64Edit

DS Rumble Pak

The DS's Rumble Pak.

The Rumble Pak is used with the N64's controller. Star Fox 64 was the first game to make use of it.

Rumble Pak for Nintendo DSEdit

The Rumble Pak can be used for the DS also. It is a Game Boy Advance cartridge, which of course, must be inserted into the GBA cartridge slot. Metroid Prime Pinball was the first game to use it.

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