The Ruins Of Meeze are home to the Meeze people but was destroyed by deabondo


B1F: Hit the pillar in the sides to drop down B1 (as ladders weren't invented when the Meeze people existed there were stairs but they were wrecked by deabondo)

B1 (kinda): now B2 will crash down on the B1 pillars Hit those pillars too

B2 (kinda): now B3 will crash down on the B2 pillars Hit those pillars too

B3 (kinda): now B4 will crash down on the B3 pillars Hit those pillars too

BOSS: Deabondo: You thought Zomie Invasion Was hard? Well NO! This guy is way harder than it, why? Answer: he has more health than the final boss!!! Deabondo can use the strongest move of many elements but he has a secret... He is weak to water. So keep using water spells until he falls! Then a cutscene happens where deabondo transforms into a... Bird? BOSS: Deabondo form 2: This guy never stops using spells! Why?! He uses the most powerful spells of ever type! And the one he Loves? Black Hole. The strongest spell of the kaleidoscope element to beat him? Have Lili use black hole and Mima use bafflio just keep using bafflio then he is done!..........................................................finally

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