Resident Evil



Genre Survival horror
Developer(s) Capcom Production Studio 4 (GCN)
Capcom (Wii)
Happy Happening (Wii)
Publisher(s) Capcom (JP/NA/EU)
Nintendo Australia (AUS, GCN)
THQ Asia Pacific (AUS, Wii)
Composer(s) Shusaku Uchiyama
Makoto Tomozawa
Misao Senbongi
Series Resident Evil
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube
Release Date GameCube
NA April 30, 2002
JP March 22, 2002
PAL September 13, 2002
NA June 23, 2009
JP December 25, 2008
PAL June 26, 2009
Mode(s) Single-player
ESRB:80px-ESRB Mature 17 .svg - Mature
PEGI:60px-PEGI 16.svg - 16 and older
CERO:Cero d - D
ACB:90px-OFLC small MA15 .svg - 15 and older
BBFC:50px-BBFC 15.svg - 15 and older

Resident Evil, Biohazard in Japan, is a remake of the original Resident Evil game for the Nintendo GameCube developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and being published by Capcom and Nintendo Australia. The game spawned out of an exclusivity agreement between Capcom and Nintendo which also spawned Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4. The game has also been informally referred to as Resident Evil: Remake (REmake) and Resident Evil: Rebirth (REbirth).

The game was later ported to the Wii as Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil, Biohazard Archives: Biohazard in Japan. It was ported by Capcom and Happy Happening and published by Capcom and THQ Asia Pacific.

Plot Edit

Main article: Resident Evil (game)#Plot

The game's plot hasn't been changed at all.

Gameplay Edit

Main article: Resident Evil (game)#Gameplay

The game's gameplay is mostly the same from the original with the exception of added mechanics such as daggers. The game also introduces "Crimson Heads" which are reanimated zombies that are faster and stronger.

Changes from Original Edit

The remake uses pre-rendered photo-realistic environments, which it is known for. The game features all new upgraded graphics and sound. It also adds gameplay elements that were seen in installments after the original game, such as the use of body language to indicate health status and the 180-degree turn. It also introduced a new running style which was also used in Resident Evil Zero. The original FMV sequences were replaced with CG cutscenes and a new cast of voice actors. The script was redone to make the game have a more serious tone and improved upon translation, as opposed to the unprofessional dialogue and roughly translated script of the original. Gameplay mechanics are largely the same although most of the puzzles have been changed and the player can equip a defensive weapon that can be used when seized by an enemy.

Additionally, the remake features many unlockable game modes, secrets, and various endings not found in the original. It also restores the George Trevor subplot, and splices other main characters of the Resident Evil games, such as William Birkin and Alexia Ashford into the game's backstory.

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