Pegasus NES clone
Manufacturer Micro Genius (IQ-502 model)
Type Console
Media ROM Cartridge

The Pegasus was a Nintendo Entertainment System clone that was designed to resemble the Japanese version of the NES, the Family Computer (Famicom). The system was sold in Poland, Serbia, and Bosnia, where it was largely popular. It achieved cult status and is even still available through auctions and flea markets. The system was manufactured in Taiwan by a company of an unknown name. It is compatible with Famicom cartridges and partially NES cartridges.

Original Nintendo games weren't popular, due to raging piracy and lack of officially licensed products on the market. The majority of the games sold with and for the system were cheap pirated copies, manufactured mostly in Russia and China. Games for Pegasus are widely available in Poland to this day, mostly on street markets and in small toy stores.

The typical retail set included the system, two detachable controllers (both with "turbo" buttons, which meant 4 buttons in total; 6-button controllers also existed.), a light gun (very similar in design to NES Zapper), power supply, RF cable, as well as audio-video RCA connectors. The system itself didn't include any built-in games, but was bundled with a pirated cartridge labeled "Contra 168-in-1", which contained a few of the best-known NES titles, like Contra, Super Mario Bros., and Tetris, listed multiple times with slight variations. Most of the games had a "trainer" feature, which allowed the player to adjust the number of lives, and even the starting level of the game.

Models Edit

The Pegasus was released in two different models, the MT777DX and the IQ-502. A 16-bit version of the Pegasus, the Power Pegasus 16-bit, was released which was actually a clone of the Sega Mega Drive.

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