Pac-Man World: 20th Anniversary is a game in the Pac-Man series, which was built to celebrate the series' 20th year of production. It's a Platformer/Maze game.


It's Pac-Man 20th birthday and a surprise party has been arranged for him, but as his friends and family arrive at the house they're Pac-naped by different robots, and ghosts. When Pac-Man comes home he sees, what was going to be a surprise party, and the big hole smashed in a wall with only Sour-Puss the cat remaining. He then exist the house and finds an inventation to a party on ghost island. He then takes a boat to ghost island, unwittingly being noticed by the ghosts and evil Toc-Man.


Pac-Man must travel through Ghost-Island & beyond to rescue his family. Each zone is completly different then the last to keep things fresh all the time.

Pirate HarborEdit

The Pirate Harbor, is a valley with a Stronghlod in it. Many ghosts, skeletons, aggressive parots, & robotic canons inhabit this area. The friend that must be saved in this area, is Pooka

  • Buccaneer Beach
  • Corsair's Cove
  • Crazy Cannonade(Pooka's here)
  • HMS Wind-Bag(Boss)

Vocanic RuinEdit

This sub-terrainian cluster of ruins is like a maze with a it's falling rocks, traps, and molten magma. Undead mummies also stand in your path. The friend to be saved here is Chomp-Chomp.(Pac-Dog)

  • Crisis Caverns
  • Manic Mines
  • Anubis Rex(Boss| 2-parts)

Galactic OutpostEdit

An alien outpost over Pac-World, which is by used aliens & also used by ghosts. Different ALFs also inhabit this place and attack you on sight. Meteors also constantly strike the Platforms in orbit. Professor-Pac is held here.

  • Space-Race
  • Far Out!
  • Gimme Space
  • King Galaxian(Boss)

Haunted FunhouseEdit

This funhouse is rather dangerous, to put it mildly. It has red-hot metal plates, ghosts-clowns in airplanes, and gas-guns. The funhouse sometimes also appears to have a life of it's own. Pac-Baby(Pac's Daughter) is held here.

  • Clowning Around
  • Barrel-Blast
  • Spin-Dizzy
  • Cown Prix(Boss Race)

Ghostly FactoryEdit

A factory that has puts-out robots, pac-dots, and killer machines. The causways and tunnels can be like a maze sometimes. But when a button is pushed the whole factory starts caving in and collasping! Pac-Jr. is traped here.

  • Perilous Pipes
  • Under Pressure
  • Down the Tubes
  • Krome Keeper(Boss)

Ghost MansionEdit

After defeating Toc-Man's minions, Pac-Man arrives at Ghost Mansion to rescue Ms. Pac, and defeat Toc-Man. Bats, Firey-Skeletons, ghosts, and even Gravestones want Pac-Man dead though.

  • Ghostly Garden
  • Creepy Catacombs
  • Grave Danger
  • Toc-Man's Lair(Boss| You need all your friends to fight Toc-Man.)

Maze LevelsEdit

Every level has a maze version with matching hazards. Complete every maze & see the concept gallery.


The game spawned a semi-series of games.

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