Pac-Man is an alien from the planet of Pac-World. His species is naturally spherical and has the "ghost" species as their natural enemies.


Much is unknown about Pac-Man's history, other then the fact that he was known as Pac when he was a boy. His many adventures have taken place in Mazes his home island of Pac-Land and many other lands.

TV SeriesEdit

Pac-Man and his family stared in a 1980's cartoon. The TV is considered un-cannonical by many Pac-Man fans, but the game that it's based on Pac-Land, is considered cannonical. Another series comming in 2012 features Pac-Man's High School days.


Pac-Man has won GameStop's greatest game-character contest. And is nicknamed "The King of Coin-Op games" since his debut game is the most popular arcade-game in history.

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