Pac-Man: Ghost Zone was a cancelled game in the Pac-Man series that would have been released on September, 19 of 1996.


The game would have started with the main character getting sucked into a Pac-Man machine by the evil Ghost-Lord and somehow mutating to Pac-Man.

Common-Enemies Were....Edit

  • Computer-Bugs
  • Cord-Snakes(AKA Scuzy-Snakes)
  • Spin-Boxers
  • Nibble
  • Red-Snapper
  • Jumper
  • NC Hammer
  • Shockz
  • Battery
  • Transformer
  • Capacitor


  • Blinky
  • Pinky
  • Inky
  • Clyde
  • Sue
  • Tim
  • Lackey
  • Finky
  • Flicker
  • "Ice-Ghosts"
  • & the Ghost-Lord


The gameplay would have simple with Pac-Man's attack list being....


Pac-Man automaticly eats dots & power-ups.


Pac-Man damages or kills enemies by eating them. Only works on ghost if a power pellet is being used.

NOTE: Pac-Man must be beside an enemy to chomp them.


Pac-Man chomp-attacks from above, and inflict 2x the damage of a regular chomp.


After picking-up a knife & fork Pac-Man gets "hunger-crazed" and, eats ANY opponent if he gets near them. He can also chew through crates & even walls sometimes.

Power-Shot(RED GLOVES)Edit

An attack which was saved for the later game. Pac-Man fires a energy blast from his hand that does damage to all enemies but, ghosts unless a power pellet is used. The power pellet blast was cut in the later game.

Flash-Mittens(GREEN GLOVES)Edit

Stuns all enemies briefly.

Ice-Mittens(BLUE GLOVES)Edit

Freezes all enemies but, Ice-Ghosts breifly.

Fire-Mittens(ORANGE GLOVES)Edit

Burns all enemies. Completely shatters Ice-Ghosts.

Sonic-Mittens(GREEN GLOVES)Edit

Repulses all enemies back long enough to make a quick-escape.


The game overall didn't stand out and was scraped by Namco Hometech and was rebuilt as Pac-Man World which made the Greatest Hits lineup. Although many Pac-Maniacs are sad that some features including a Frogger styled level didn't make Pac-Man World. Most fans are happy that the general story was scraped though.

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