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Operation Bring Back Bandicoot is a fan-driven campaign by fan site, Crash Mania, that's goal is to develop a major release in the series with classic controls and gameplay or start back development on the Crash Bandicoot (2010) game. The operation's target is Activision Blizzard.

Petition Edit

We, The Undersigned, call for Activision Publishing/Activision Games/Activision Blizzard to create and release a major release in the Crash Bandicoot franchise, and attempt to market and advertise it in order to achieve necessary sales to continue the series. We present two preferable options in this regard:

A. Creating a new major Crash console title with classic Crash platforming gameplay.

B. or ALTERNATIVELY, continuing the development of Radical Entertainment's canceled Crash Bandicoot title.

The goal of this petition is aimed at option A, but option B is a truly welcome alternative if more feasible.

Thank you, the Undersigned

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