Nintendo Points Card

A Nintendo Points Card.

Nintendo Points are points that the player can use to buy games, channels, and applications with on the Wii Shop Channel on the Nintendo Wii or the Nintendo DSi Shop on the Nintendo DSi. The points come either come in "Nintendo Point Cards" that can be bought in many stores, or can be purhased with credit cards. Nintendo Point Cards have different points on them. There are 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, and 5,000 point cards. Before the DSi Shop was released, Nintendo Points were known as Wii Points, and still are, but only on the Wii Shop Channel. Although there has been a change, Wii Points Cards, are still sold in some stores, and still work.

Point Conversions Edit

  • 1 (Nintendo Point) = $0.01(USD)
  • 1,000 = $10.00
  • 2,000 = $20.00
  • 3,000 = $30.00
  • 5,000 = $50.00

Usage Edit

In the Wii Shop Channel Edit

Nintendo Points are used in the Wii Shop Channel to buy WiiWare games and Wii Virtual Console games.

In the Nintendo DSi Shop Edit

Picture 1

North American $20 eShop Card

Nintendo Points can be used to buy DSiWare games in the Nintendo DSi Shop

In the Nintendo eShop Edit

Nintendo Points were replaced by actual money in the Nintendo eShop: United States dollars (in the United States), British pounds (in Great Britain), euros (in all other European countries), and yen (in Japan). The Nintendo 3DS cards are called Nintendo Prepaid Cards or Nintendo Cash Cards. In America, these cards are currently available at Best Buy and Walmart stores[1][2]. In the United Kingdom, the cards are available at ASDA and Sainbury's supermarkets[3]

Gallery Edit



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