The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program is a special program made by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It was targeted to people who bought the Nintendo 3DS before the price drop. Users receive free NES and Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games through the program that are not planned to be released to the general public. To become a "Nintendo 3DS Ambassador", the user had to log into the Nintendo eShop on or before August 11, 2011. The NES games were released August 29, 2011 in Japan, August 31, 2011 in North America and September 1, 2011 in Europe and Australia. It is unknown when the Game Boy Advance games will be released. A free "Ambassador Certificate" was released along with the NES games, which was a video that asked the user of the 3DS if they would like to receive notifications about the program.

Ambassador-exclusive GamesEdit


Game Boy AdvanceEdit

Note: Only a few Game Boy Advance games have been announced so far. The full list will be announced closer to the release date.

How To Receive GamesEdit

If you are an ambassador, this is how to receive your Virtual Console games.

1. Go to the Nintendo eShop.

2. Scroll over to the "Settings/Other" section.

3. Click the "Your Downloads" button.

4. Find the desired Ambassador-exclusive game you want.

5. Click the "Redownload" button, and the game will start downloading.

6. After it finishes downloading, it's all yours. Enjoy!

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