Moskito RO

Species Mosquito
Gender Male
Homeworld Moskito's Nest
First Appearance Rayman
Latest Appearance Rayman Origins

Moskito is a gigantic mosquito from Rayman and the upcoming Rayman Origins. Moskito is often confused with another mosquito called Bzzit. In the PlayStation version of the original Rayman, Moskito is red and purple while his color scheme in other versions is yellow and purple, like Bzzit.

Rayman Edit

Moskito first appears in the game as the boss of the Dream Forest in the level Moskito's Nest. He first appears in the level pursuing Rayman with a gigantic spiky fruit and later battles Rayman. He also appears as part of Space Mama and Moskito hybrid and the Mr. Sax, Space Mama, and Moskito hybrid at the Candy Chateau.

Rayman Origins Edit

Moskito will be an ally of Rayman and ridable during the level Moody Clouds. He will be able to shoot from his proboscis.

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