Mii Channel Start

The screen that appears when the Mii Channel is clicked on the Wii Menu.

The Mii Channel is a channel on the Nintendo Wii. It comes already on the Wii, and cannot be deleted. The Mii Channel is where the player can make avatars called Miis. The player can either make a Mii from scratch, or from a selection of faces. When the player finishes a Mii, they can not only keep it in Mii Plaza, where all of the Miis are held, but also in a Wii Remote. By putting a Mii in a Wii Remote, the Mii can be taken to a different Wii system. 100 Miis can be kept in Mii Plaza, and 10 can be kept in a Wii Remote. Another way to take a Mii to another Wii system is by sending it to a friend in your Address Book. Other than be taken to different Wii systems, Miis on the Mii Channel can also be taken to Nintendo 3DS systems from the closest Wii system.

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