Miguel's Guide Plane
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Tour Guide
Homeworld Wuhu Island
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort
Latest Appearance Pilotwings Resort

Miguel is a character in Wii Sports Resort and Pilotwings Resort. He is only found in Island Flyover (Free Flight Mode in Pilotwings Resort). Miguel's exact appearance is unknown, but he is most likely a Mii. Miguel flys in a yellow biplane, and has an i Point behind him. He can also take the player to new i Points. In Wii Sports Resort, following him for at least 3 minutes gets the player the "Follow That Plane" stamp, and the player can get his i Point. In Pilotwings Resort, following him only lets the player get his i Point. If the player has a hard time finding Miguel in Wii Sports Resort, they can shoot a flare by pressing the 1 Button. Miguel will shoot a flare back, and if the player sees it, the can follow the flare. If they hear it, they can follow the direction of the sound.

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