"The land of stiff is a strange place"-legend of chipi manual


Spoiler Enemies: Beeyoot, Dusky, Staffa, Super Weeni. Boss: Stiffy


B1: Start by going left to get a stiff spear. Then be careful of the super weeni in the area; but if you have a bomboom use it to get the stiffer spear.

B2: Get past the Staffa to get the poker, then defeat the dusky in the area if you want the split pot poker then go down the stairs

B1 p2: Now mima will say that you have to go to the left, go to the right to get a stiffest spear then open the door

BOSS: Stiffy: Stiffy loves to cast Roar of Tides which always deals 23818 damage to the team, so if you are wearing stick shoes you will get knocked of the wall and get hurt for 30000 damage PLUS 10000 damage if you get hit by a physical. Mima should cast bafflio to lower his attack AND magic attack (introduced in the 1.5 update) then cast xentuar to lower all his stats. BUT you might have wasted 1082 mp, AS he can cast disruptive wave on himself. But he CAN use it but VERY rarely AND he HATES fire so cast volcano until chipi's mp runs out.

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