Korea Media Rating Board
Picture 11
Type Rating board
Founded 1966
Website KMRB - English
KMRB - Korean

The Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB) is a ratings organization that rates movies, stage performances, videos, phonogrames, and formerly video games. Originally founded in 1966 as the South Korea Art and Culture Ethnics Committee before being renamed the KMRB in 1999.

It used to rate video games released in South Korea. Due to an incident with the rating of gambling machine, Sea Story, rating it as were it was an ordinary game because of a bribe, the Game Rating Board was established by the South Korean government to rate games in 2006.


  • All (ages)
  • 12-year +
  • 15-year +
  • Teenager restricted (18-year +)
  • Restricted (19-year +)

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