Wii Sports Resort Island Flyover

Island Flyover being played. One of the large balloons and The Candle can be seen.

Island Flyover is a sport in Wii Sports Resort. The main objective of the game is to fly around Wuhu Island in a plane, get as many i Points as you can, and pop as many balloons as you can. Balloons can be found with Miis holding them, in larger balloons (which are only popped by crashing into them), on other planes, and on cars. To fly the plane, the player must hold the Wii Remote as if they were holding a paper airplane. Tilting the Wii Remote up makes the plane fly up, tilting it down makes it go down, left makes it go left, and right makes it go right. Shaking the remote causes the plane to spin. Pressing the A Button makes the plane shoot missiles, which are used to pop the balloons. Pressing the B Button stops the engine, and if it is held long enough, the plane will hit the ground or water (depending on where you are) and crash. If the player thrusts the Wii Remote forward, the plane will get a boost, and pulling the Wii Remote back slows down the plane. Pressing the 1 Button shoots a flare, which can be used to help find Miguel. And finally, pressing buttons on the D-Pad will change the camera view. At first, the player can only fly during daytime, but getting enough i-Points lets them fly during the evening and at night. Also, when enough i Points are found, a biplane can be ridden in. Another Mii in the Wii's Mii Channel is chosen at random to fly with the Mii the player is controlling, if the player chooses to fly the biplane. If the player turns the plane upside down, the second Mii waves their arms around. When the player finds all 80 i Points (during any time of day), a small hut is built for them on the Private Island.

The same sport is in Pilotwings Resort, but it is known as Free Flight Mode.

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