The Haunted Mansion Is a freaky place that as you expect is haunted


Enemies: Chimera (only in quest) Minotaur, Gigantus Spiderus, Beeyoot. Boss: Orb Chaos. Music: Fun Is Infinite. Items: Black Toyherb, Royal Carrot.


B1: Get past the spider webs in this area, Then a huge boulder will roll at the team but this entire place is kinda short because there is only B1, Open the chest for a Black Toyherb then open the Other Chest for a Royal Carrot, Now go to the balcony and kill the chimera if you are doing quest 172# Bring me a horn...any...horn, Now kill the minotaurs blocking the way, And now enter the bedroom and talk to the doll on the rocking horse,

BOSS:Orb Chaos: The Orb Chaos is really slow so this battle is easy? NO! It has over 1,081,315,164 hp!... except if Mima is there... But if she is have her slow orb chaos with bellond as bellond can slow enemies by 10% Now orb chaos's speed is 2 so hit it with all you have and as usual use a Bomboom to hurt orb chaos a lot now as usual have Mima use Wertomi and after that Wertomi orb chaos is done for

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