Ah, The Hall Of Origins where the world was "created"

Walkthrough and subordinate battlesEdit

When you enter The UnBleck Charm Appears and summons 4 subordinates and they go in their respective room go to any

BOSS: Bardores and Varodres Bardores and Varodres are a devastating couple but a couple of bellonds can slow them down and some Wertomis can beat them

BOSS: Lightenga Lightenga can dish out some powerful fire spells that can wipe out your entire team and DON'T USE WERTOMI or he will bounce it back to sender instead have everyone use ChipiPower to kill him

BOSS: Mima? This lil' cat tricks everyone into thinking that she is the real Mima, and you only have Mima for this battle so use ChipiPower to knock her out

FINAL BOSS: UnBleck Charm Finally the last boss of The Legend Of Chipi but it's not gonna let go easily so have Mima lower its attack with barrimi and its speed with 10 bellonds then use barrimi again so UnBleck Charm is helpless and then keep mauling it with spells And that's it you completed legend of Chipi hope you enjoyed this Walkthrough

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