Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
Genre Multi-directional shooter
Developer(s) Bizarre Creations
Publisher(s) Microsoft Game Studios
Distributor(s) Mircosoft Game Stduios (Retail/Steam)
Valve Corporation (Steam)
Platform(s) Xbox, Xbox 360, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Release Date Xbox
November 17, 2003
NA November 22, 2005
EU December 2, 2005
March 7, 2007
Mode(s) Single-player
ESRB:80px-ESRB Everyone.svg - Everyone
ACB:90px-OFLC small G.svg - General
Media Digital download

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is a retro-styled game by Bizzare Creations, for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and later Microsoft Windows. It was first included in Project Gotham Racing 2 as a mini-game and later in a demo Project Gotham Racing 3.


The player starts the game, and their hexagonal ship, appears in the center of the grid(Play area). Before long, enemies start getting spawned from sides of grid, & aproach the player. The player can destroy them by shooting the ships weapon.(Yellow blasts) As the player scores more points and defeats more enemies, their gun, changes from a twin beam forward attack, to a scattered four beam attack. Different enemies, can preform different attacks, & have different flight patterns. If the player starts getting trapped by enemies, and can't blast their way out, they can set off a "bomb," which destroys all enemies and let's the player catch their breath breifly. The player also has a "multiplier" which multiplies the players points. When the player, runs out of lives the game ends.


All enemies, kill the player by touching him/her.


Spins around the grid, & takes one shot to defeat.


Locks directly onto the player, and moves slowly towards them, until they get their defeating shot.


Like the Grunt, but faster & can dodge the player's attack. You can use this to pin them in a corner, & finish them off with a hit.


Another unit simaler, to the grunt, but faster. They don't actually spin until you shoot them. Then, they split into smaller versions of themselves, that move in circles towards the player, making them harder to hit. Counting the smaller versions, they can take three hits.

Gravity WellEdit

These slowly move onto screen, & explode when shot. After they explode, all other objects on screen, get sucked towards them. If the player keeps shooting it, it will cease to exist. But if it absorbs to many objects, it splits into tiny protons that move extremely quick to the players location.


These appear on the grid and move somewhat quickly around, in groups of four or six. If they are to be defeated, the must be shot on their head.


These move at a proton's speed, around the grid, sending out a field of signals toward the player, that are highly dangerous. They like the others can only take one hit.


These are objects that are a fourth, of the players size. They move at a somewhat fast speed, towards the player. They are as weak as the usuall enemy. What makes them so dangerous is their size, & the fact that they travel in swarms.


Quartermaster Collect 9 bombs.
Pacifism Survive the first minute of the game without shooting.
Mad Cat Skillz Collect 9 lives.
Multitastic Earn x10 Multiplier.
Score 100,000 Earn 100,000 points.
Score 250,000 Earn 250,000 points.
Score 500,000 Earn 500,000 points.
Score 1,000,000 Earn 1,000,000 points.
Survived 100,000 Earn 100,000 points without losing a life.
Survived 250,000 Earn 250,000 points without losing a life.
Survived 500,000 Earn 500,000 points without losing a life.
Survived 1,000,000 Earn 1,000,000 points without losing a life.

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