Garerr is boss 45# in the legend of Chipi

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

Xentuar 300 MP Black Hole 999 MP Kafrizzle 67 MP Kacrackle 100 MP


Garerr can use Kafrizzle, so he will DESTROY Mima in 2 or 3 hits but Kafrizzle has a short range so keep Mima moving. The spell you REALLY have to watch out for is black hole as it deals around 8000 hp of damage AND it takes the entire battlefield so have Mima on status lowering and let Lali focus on healing for MAX survival. BUT if he uses Kacrackle on Lali your survival rate will drop from 100% to 2% but if Lali survives let her use Omniheal to restore everyone's HP to full........and did i tell you he drops Sol Invictus Gloves? But he has 1,547,643,868,645 HP!

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