Game Rating Board
Type Rating board
Founded 2006
Website Korean site
English site

The Game Rating Board (GRB) is a governmental video game rating board established in 2006 by the South Korean government in South Korea. The GRB replaced the Korea Media Rating Board after a controversy involving a gambling game machine, Sea Story, that was rated as a normal game through a bribe. The GRB is the only video game rating organization in South Korea.


Icon Name of Rating Description

Grb age rat all

All Suitable for all ages.

Grb age rat 12

12 Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Grb age rat 15

15 Suitable for ages 15 and up.
Grb age rat 18 18 Suitable for adults 18 and up.

Grb age rat test

Test Game contents for testing with the GRB's permission before general release.

Content DescriptorsEdit

Icon Name of Descriptor Description

Grb contentdescriptors alcohol

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs Contains images or references to use of alcohol products, tobacco products, or illegal drugs.
Grb contentdescriptors crime Crime Contains images of crime, anti-societal, or anti-governmental messages.

Grb contentdescriptors gambling

Gambling Contains simulated gambling/betting or references to gambling.

Grb contentdescriptors horror

Horror Contains images of horror or fear.

Grb contentdescriptors language

Language Contains inappropriate lanuage.

Grb contentdescriptors sex

Sexuality Contains images or references to sexual activities, possibly including nudity.

Grb contentdescriptors violence

Violence Contains images of violence, may contain blood and gore.

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