Species Sentinel
Gender Male
Homeworld Ruins Of Meeze
First Appearance Legend of Chipi
Latest Appearance Legend of Chipi: The Seven Stars


Deabondo is first seen in The Haunted Masion where he sends Orb Chaos to destroy you then you see him in the The Tower of Meeze where he gets defeated


In legend of Chipi the seven stars he has trapped the angry money but is defeated and is unlocked as a trophy

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

Attack 3 times

Critical=does about 400-590 damage

C-C-Cold breath=does 100-109 damage to the party


Giant Fire=Does 2000-3000 damage: an attack targeted to Mima

Mabufdyne=does 300-900 damage

Check the Ruins Of Meeze page for more details.

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