Coffinwell is a town in the legend of chipi


When you enter coffinwell then break a BARRELS!!! To get a hypernova sword then go to the mayor's house and open the chest to get a special medicine which you can alchemize into an Agate Of Evolution with 2 Sunstones and 2 Lucida Shards then open 2 chests to get 2 Lucida Shards and then leave and go to the hall of origins and complete quest 45# The Moon Falls... To get a sunstone and go to the hall of legends's secret garden at the back of it and then use gather to get a sunstone Now craft an agate of evolution and drop it near the graveyard in coffinwell And a cutscene will happen

BOSS: Zomie invasion: really? A boss in a TOWN? Anyway, the zomies are only interested in your Brain not The other people's brains so an Agate Of Life can kill them quickly but stick with Mima's Baffrili which is a fire spell then for best results...and to not make this the longest boss of the game use aggressence And finessence to up your team's attack and accuracy but the zomies can fire their organs at you but after throwing 5 organs they die, up your team's speed with a Lucida Stone so you can avoid the zomies attacks, Mimas preferred attack is bellond so use it then use aggressence and finessence again and have Chipi use Giant's Blaze to kill the zomies

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